Saraceni House

Excavation and footings - May 11 - 24
Why we built the addition
Blueprints and other plans
Prep Work - late April/ early May, 2005
Demolition - May 9th, 2005
Excavation and footings - May 11 - 24
Foundation Walls 5/26 - 28
Framing 5/31 -6/23
Windows n' Such 6/24 - 7/13
Chimney, siding & interior paint 7/14 - 10/15
Completed Family & Dining Room
Completed Livingroom
Completed Master Bedroom & Bath
Completed Kitchen
some small rooms also completed
Wine Cellar
Backyard Pizza and Bread Oven
The REAL Saraceni House

A climbing wall in the basement...

Why am I smiling?
There's nothing funny here, goddamnit!

Let the chipping begin...

Holy crap!

Quite a web of steel in there.

There goes the fence.

The pumper is sending the cement up and over the house... turning the front yard into a moonscape.



That's not dirt I'm standing on.  It's a ridge of granite running through half the proposed basement space.  That's why the builders in 1926 built the house on the edge of the lot.  Argh!