Saraceni House

Why we built the addition
Why we built the addition
Blueprints and other plans
Prep Work - late April/ early May, 2005
Demolition - May 9th, 2005
Excavation and footings - May 11 - 24
Foundation Walls 5/26 - 28
Framing 5/31 -6/23
Windows n' Such 6/24 - 7/13
Chimney, siding & interior paint 7/14 - 10/15
Completed Family & Dining Room
Completed Livingroom
Completed Master Bedroom & Bath
Completed Kitchen
some small rooms also completed
Wine Cellar
Backyard Pizza and Bread Oven
The REAL Saraceni House

April 2005


The house was built as a two bedroom and enjoyed a double sized lot, though it was built mysteriously close to the edge of one side.  This allowed half the parcel to be sold and developed in the 1970’s, though the garage had to be cut in half and repositioned to accommodate the new neighboring house (hidden by the tree-trunk to the left).  A one-story addition was added in the early 1980’s to the house.


When we bought the house in 1998, all the originally varnished interior woodwork had been painted white (including windows, trim, doors, railings, the stair treads and parts of the floor). There was wall-to-wall carpet installed over the floors, which in addition to the paint also had significant termite damage.  Paneling had been installed in the dining room by hacking off all the corner details of the moldings and nailing up furring strips over the plaster walls… and then, you guessed it, painted white. 


Since we bought the property, but prior to building the addition, we have done the following:


  • Removed the paneling and carpet
  • Stripped, repaired and refinished the hardwood floors
  • Put a new roof on the house and garage
  • Installed a cedar picket fence around the yard
  • Disassembled, stripped, re-stained reglazed and weather-stripped all the original windows.
  • Stripped and re-stained all interior woodwork.
  • Remodeled the kitchen


However… with two kids and a dog… we were out of room in our two bedroom house. 


It was time to add more space.



Kitchen 8 years ago

After previous renovation, 2003

Dining Room, restored 2002

Livingroom, restored 2001