Saraceni House

Windows n' Such 6/24 - 7/13
Why we built the addition
Blueprints and other plans
Prep Work - late April/ early May, 2005
Demolition - May 9th, 2005
Excavation and footings - May 11 - 24
Foundation Walls 5/26 - 28
Framing 5/31 -6/23
Windows n' Such 6/24 - 7/13
Chimney, siding & interior paint 7/14 - 10/15
Completed Family & Dining Room
Completed Livingroom
Completed Master Bedroom & Bath
Completed Kitchen
some small rooms also completed
Wine Cellar
Backyard Pizza and Bread Oven
The REAL Saraceni House

A bit more work... (Check 'em off with me in the comfort of your own home for additional family fun!)
  • Plumbing Rough-In Complete & Inspected
  • Electrical Rough-in Complete & Inspected
  • Roof Shingled
  • Basement poured
  • Windows in (mostly)
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Rough-in Complete
  • Giant Water-main Break in Street Created by Heavy Construction Equipment

Yeah... Unfortunately , that ain't bubblin' crude.

But let's not dwell on that.  Here's some more pictures!

Visible: New Windows.
Not Visible: United Water digging up the street.

Back of house, still missing downstairs slider.

Nice looking windows from Norwood.

Norwood's website

Same windows, inside master bath.

Inside Master Bedroom

Our old tub in it's new home

We have a squid in the attic! (Unico Heat/air)

Unico's website is here. Good product for heating & cooling an old house. Or so their sales rep says.

And, of course, our basement, Mt. Costmore.